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Privacy policy

These rules contain the terms and conditions and  privacy policy of

The registration- linked functions can only used by natural persons over the age of 16. Everybody can use the services without restrictions, where registration is not needed.

Data that were given in the course of the use of the website (eg. Registrtaion, uploaded pictures) are handled by Elite Cosmetix Ltd. (hereafter the Data manager)

With the filling of the forms and the uploading of different contents, the user gives permission to the data manager to store and use these data in a defined way.

The user is responsible for the compliance of the copyrights.
 Tha data manager removes the inappropriate contents and the contents which do not fit in the profile of the site  and the contents which ban the provisions of the moduls. The data manager is not responsible for the contents uploaded by the user.                    

The data manager can use the data given by the user for the popularization of the user and, and for its own marketing purposes. (eg. Newsletter) The methodology of contains that the data of the user can appear on the site, which facilitate contacting with the potential customers. The display of the user data on corresponding sites or on Facebook serves the same purpose. By the giving of these data, the user gives permission to this widespread publicity.

After the registration, by clicking on the „ Authorize Facebook” link, the user can permit the access of to the user’s Facebook interface. (like Facebook games) This makes it possible to the user to share the the pictures (uploaded to with Facebook photoalbums, with the Facebook wall, and to see the notifications of the well-solved nail artist games.

The data manager do not give out the data of the user to a third party, unless it cooperates as a subcontractor of the data manager. For instance: the deliverer of the products purchased for loyalty points.

The user can delete, modify the data on a given administration interface and can request their cancellation. In case of newsletters, there is a chance to unsubscribe, by clicking on the „Unsubscribe” button, at the bottom of the newsletter. The user can abort the Facebook connection by logging in to Facebook.

Nail Artist Game
The games are organized by EliteCosmetix Ltd. Every registered user can participate in the games, declared on the surface of, but the collegues of Elite Cosmetix and their close relatives can not take part in the game.The winner will be drawn from the people who submitted the right answer. The winner will be informed by e-mail, and his/her name will be displayed at the profile of the game. The reward can be received personally at 1085 Budapest, József krt. 44., or we will inform you by e-mail about the other possible ways of receiving the reward. The unclaimed prize will not be drawn again.

The usage of the services of is voluntary and free. In case of spamming, the data manager can ban the user from the further use of the system.
Illegal contents:
-advertising nail brands (even in a hidden way),
-the disparagement of nail brands, nail artist collegues, works uploaded by others, comments, -creating bad mood.

Please send positive and supportive manifestations.

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