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Publish: February 27, 2015, 10:08

How to get more clients - in 6 steps

There are certain steps for a client before she turns to be a regular one. Let's see these steps!

STEP 1 - Who am I?

People can attach one, constant, positive marker to a shop, salon or company, this marker will make the business different from its competitors. 

"the nicest nail art in town", "the fastest gel polishing service", "super long-lasting Nails".

You, as the owner of the business should focus on one pisitive, easy-to-remember characteristic and repeat, advertise it as much as possible in order to create your own reputation.

RESULT: Your clients will remember it and they can offer it easier to their friends/family!


STEP 2 - Webpage

We are living in the world of internet & smart phones. The printed versions are losing importance to online versions. In order to reach more clients we need to use these channels:

Webpage: a professional page can cost a fortune, as a nail technician we don't need something too extra. We want to share/show our nail photos and our contact info. Bestnails can help you with your webpage for FREE! Registered members can create their own profile, what contains their nail pictures, salon info, reviews, introduction with profile picture. In salon finder possible clients can find you easily:

Now you can win a gift box with your registration:

STEP 3 - Channels

- Facebook advertisement and other social media : you can raise people's interest in you. Direct them to your webpage, where you provide more info, reference work etc of your service. 

- Recommendation: "Bring a friend of yours and get 50% on gel polishing"

-Online advertisement (google adwords)


STEP 4 - Salon

What is the most important for a new client, who enters your salon:

- Kind workers

- The nail tech should notice if I'm in a chatty mood or prefer to relax

- Free coffee or tea

It's better not to guess, ask kindly her expectations!


STEP 5 - Special offers

We face discounts almost everywhere and people love them! Try to offer an extra service like this: "This month we offer ........  service with discount" or "Free gift for ....... treatment". We added an extra reason for a quick decision.


STEP 6 - Contact

Don't expect, that someone will become your client immediately. First she starts to follow you on Facebook or check you new nail photos on, she reads the reviews, comments. If she likes your nail pictures and she see a special offer from you, you have a pretty good chance to make her visit your salon. 


Gardeners work hard (watering, manuring, hoeing) and wait for month before a seed turns to a flower, bush or tree. Try to think in that way! Success requires preparation and patience!







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