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Publish: February 25, 2014, 8:51


You know that nails can speak a thousand words. This is why you spend those hours going through nail art magazines in print and on the web. It’s possible you have gathered quite come knowledge about nails and the way they should be decorated.

Keeping in mind the current trend nail art seems to be getting better and better with new ideas flowing in from everywhere. Why not let us read what you think how nail art should be like? Or would rather go for nude and keep it basic and simple?
Like Facebook is for billions of monthly active users is for thousands of nail enthusiasts. If you ever wanted to know about Nails, and I mean anything about nails then this is the website for you to spend time on. And if you think you know enough nails and would want the world to know about it why not enter the competition that is currently on at For those that work as nail specialists and want people to know about them this completion is the absolute place to be in.
There is nothing that you need to do much to enter the competition. Simply register with the website and upload one of your nail pics. You stand to win an attractive gift but that’s not all. As a nail professional you get to showcase your talent on the internet, the best platform of them all and this could mean more customers and more business for you. You can advertise on for free and have them help you build a website of your salon.
Did you expect more? Well you actually get quite a bit when you become a registered member. It’s all about the kind of exposure you require and this is what you get at this website.
So what is so special about Nothing much except the fact that it’s the playground for all those connected with nails. Here you find information being shared by people who know a thing or two about nails and people who want to know a thing or two about nails. The other celebrity nail websites and fashion magazines give you a lot of information but there you cannot connect with the people, celebrities they are after all. This is one website where you get in touch with people who are connected with the nail industry at the ground level. These people probably know more about nail trends than the best fashion magazines do. Needless to say you have immense opportunities to gain from these people – visit their profiles, read about their work and look at their nail art creations. You will certainly come to know a lot many new things about nails.
Here you get the latest news about nails – details of the various fashion shows held worldwide and the latest nail teasers and trends. You get to see the newest work being done in the nail domain. There are many product guides and press release items to go through. If you want to know about some latest nail techniques there are enough videos to tell about them all.
The forum is one place where you would love to see what people are saying and what others are commenting about. This is one place where you can display your opinion and see what others have to say about it. This is where you meet the best nail artists and get to learn from them.
And of course, when you upload your nail art photos and create your online salon profile others are able to look at your work. You will get enquiries from potential customers and recommendations and questions from fellow nail artists worldwide. Can you imagine how big the potential of this website is?
This is not all because you also get to buy the best nail products and supplies at To become the best nail artist of them you cannot ignore the importance of supplies. When a customer walks into your salon you don’t want to turn them away and gives you everything to keep your walk-ins and retaining them. is the one stop shop for anything related to nails. Whether you want to learn or teach this is the place that gives you the opportunity to do both. Read, listen, talk or shop – you will always have enough activities to indulge in here.

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