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Publish: October 31, 2013, 12:36

Shivering nail gels and acrylics

As the cold period is starting, the nail technicians can experience the change of the cure time of some nail products. It is not the fault of the material, but the attitude of temperature fluctuations.

The usage of the nail products in winter

Keep in mind, that nail gels start to freeze under 16 Celsius degrees (60,8°F). Thus it is more difficult to take them out from the jar, and to sculpt the C-curve with it.
If the hand of the client is cooler or if we kept the gel under 16-17 Celsius degrees (60,8- 62,6°F) for a longer time, we have to take it into consideration. This can be prevented, if we put the gel near to the radiator and we should ask our client to warm her fingers up. Never put the jar into hot water or directly onto a convector.
Nail technicians working with acrylic, can also meet this problem.
The mixture of liquid and acrylic powder will also start to cure slower. Acrylic powders with fast and medium cure time cure now extra slowly, especially when the client’s hand is cool. Place these materials next to the radiator, and give them enough time to warm up. We can easily avoid the temperature fluctuations of the liquid if we keep it in a double wall container. We can bravely use the odorless powders with liquids with normal or fast cure time.
The Acid primer crystallizes in the bottle under 6 Celsius degrees , we can heat them similarly to our other materials. – Crystallization will not result decline in quality.
The acryl paints can resist cooling until 1 Celsius degree(33,8 °F), if they accidentally freeze, we have to throw them away, as they become useless.
It is not recommended to leave them in the car for a longer term, as they can be seriously damaged in the really cold weather.
Nail technicians, who go to the home of the clients, must pay attention to that.


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