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Publish: September 4, 2013, 10:42

Our philosophy on developing materials

There are two main aspects of at the development of the Crystal Nails accessories: the permanent innovation and the reach of the highest qualtity, beside all the EU health standards and compliance with requirements.

All of the Crystal Nails products are tested thoroughly by reputed and experienced professional Nail technicians and manicurists, before they get into the shops.
The price of the Crystal nails products – taking into account the high quality – should be more expensive, but it is not, owing to the high volume of sales and purchases of customer- friendly pricing policy. (This is why no one should think that other, more expensive brand is better…)
We only offer top developments
The development of the Crystal Nails Care products started with Luxemburger specialist engineers, with the resolve of creating the world’s best Nail care products and polishes, surpassing the quality of the big nail care brands. During the definition of the ingridients we excluded the use of the harmful DBP. It’s saturation is very high, and it is followed by high abrasion resistance and durability. This would increase the drying time, but succeeded to eliminate this, with the use of this ingridient. We raised the color vibrancy and brightness to the maximum.  The careful selection of the brushes is important because of the accurate work.
We also took care of the whatnots in order to the better shaking, larger balls were placed in the glasses. The nail amplifier effect is secured by the added protein agents, myrrh, seaweed extract, vitamin E and calcium.
From the Crystal Nails gels, the builder gels (except the pink ones) are one phase gels, which have a high level of adhesion, thus the gels do not require a separate primer. (we make a thin base layer from themselves)
It was a criterion during their selection, that these are the most expensive gels on the wide range of gel palette, but of course the other question is when they get to the consumer due to the Crystal Nails-price policy they are cheaper than many of its competitors.
The chemically generated heat during the curing has been configured in such way to that their heat curve do not have a sudden climax, so they will not burn the client’s nails than other types of gels.
The Pink Builder gels (two types of Pink Builder gels and the Cover Pink) are not one phase, buti tit is enough to put one thin layer of Crystal Nails Builder Clear as a base. Their color was chosen to not only show well in the bottle, but unlike many other pink gel, after the completion of the curing process are pretty in pink. These gels are very strong, they can only break if we don’t create proper thickness under the stressline (C-curve).
We should take care of this beacuse it is not enough to hold the resulting material, we must work on it statically.
We could put so many pigments into the Color gels of Crystal Nails (in order to get excellent hiding power and strong line management) because the gels cure well at low UV brightness, so the bond is not shadowed by the pigments. For this reason better be careful not to stray sunlight or UV light to reach them. (eg. Desk lamp)
The micas of the BRILLIANT collection are the intensely shining components of these special gels.
The Crystal Nails Acrylic powders are the most developed materials of the world’s oldest chemical plant. The acyrlic powders consist of particles which are highly purified and  carefully adjusted to an optimum particle size distribution curve. By mixing it with liquid, we get a creamy material. The variety of color choices is provided by the addition of pigments.
In order to make the use of it easier, color stabilizers and additives are plasticizers were put in the powder. The newly developed liquid (non- MMA) is a strong anti-yellowing additive-containing odorous liquid.

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