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Publish: May 13, 2014, 2:52

How to use the ChroMe CrystaLac

Manual guide of Gabo Kovacs, Crystal Nails International Elite Educator


The base gel of the ChroMe CrystaLac is the ONE STEP CrystaLac „0”. This is a cleansing free, flexible material. Cure it for 3 mins. Don’t forget to close the edges.


Shake the bottle well, then apply the ChroMe CrystaLac in a thin layer – as thinly as you can! Cure it for 3 mins. If it is not cured after 3 mins, keep on curing. If it is still not cured, you applied it too thickly! When it is cured, you can apply the next color layer, very thinly. (As the material is highly pigmented it must be applied thinly – just like all the other high pigmented materials.)


When the second layer is totally cured (at least 3 mins), you have to cover it with ChroMe Top. Use ONLY this product as a cover shine gel, because this is the only top what doesn’t change the color under it, solve it, produces small bubbles etc. For the perfect durability apply the ChroMe Top Shine gel in 2 layers and close the edges!

The ChroMe CrystaLac doesn’t give an extra support for the nail structure, so in case of thin Nails the material might chip after 2-3 days, and later it comes off.  In this case it is useful to harden the Nails with Easy Off Hardener gel (in 1 layer, if necessary in 2 layers), then cover it with ONE STEP CrystaLac “0”. Then apply the ChroMe CrystaLac, and later the ChroMe Top cover shine gel.

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