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Publish: November 4, 2013, 3:40

Builder nail gels - Clear and white builder gels

In this article we focus on the two main groups of the Crystal Nails builder gels: the white and clear builder gels.

The classic water-clear  builder gels (Builder Clear I.)
Its icy bluish color makes the white free edge even whiter, the French nail cannot turn into yellow! It just can not happen! Its viscosity makes it suitable to create beautiful C-curve, its surface becomes matte after cleansing. Put the Nails of the client into scattered UV light for the first 20 seconds, because it may cause burning sensation. It can be used for any type of nail, highly recommended for French manicure.
The Builder Clear II. is the “twin sister” of the previous material. It is one of the most popular gels.
Its water clear color is perfect underneath any nail and also as a cover. The absolute favorite of the beginners, as the sliding layer spreads itself. It cures shiny, after the 3 minutes of cure time.  
BASE GEL Universal
Due to its amazing components secures perfect adhesion even on the most problematic nails.
It is perfect underneath gel polishes and bears bending very well. After using it on French nails the Cover Pink gel will not move. Beginners can achieve instant success with this base gel!
Gum Gel is especially recommended for the clients, who have soft natural nails, as it coordinates the bending of the natural nail plate.  It can be shaped, filed and cut easily. Good to know: if we sculpt with it, we must not apply Top Shine gel (shine gel) onto it, because the flexibility of the two materials differs. The proper shine gel of the GUM GEL is the Easy Off Top gel.
Builder Soft White off-white gel  is the favorite of the elegant, moderate clients. It has uniquely beautiful color, and is suitable for creating both the base and the cover layer, and the lunula.  Combined with the blindingly white gel, we can create trendy nails in every season.  
Builder White is the white builder gel of this family.  Perfect choice for creating the French free edge. It is blindingly white and suggested to every nail technician. It spreads perfectly, that is why it is the favorite gel of the beginner nail technicians.

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