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Publish: September 4, 2013, 2:43

Advice for hot days

The gels soften in the big heat, and flow to the lateral nail folds earlier than usual. We can defend this by cooling the gel in the fridge. If we have more dishes of gel, we can work with one, while the other one is cooling. If we cannot solve this, apply Crystal Nails Xtreme Clear gel.

In the summer even the gels with maximum non-yellowing protection can slightly turn into yellow thanks to the chemical effects of the sun creams and the intense doze  of UV irradiation. In this case the UV Filter Top Coat can help – as its name shows- filters like the sun creams.
The over-curing of the gels can be also a problem. In the summer, the material cures faster, do not exceed the necessary curing time.
In the summer heat, the non- burner gels can cause a little burning sensation, because the curing starts from 10 Celsius higher. Moreover the material is softer, so the maximum temperature can be 20-30 Celsius degrees higher. This can cause burning sensation for a client who has thin Nails. In this case, place the hand of the client to scattered light (just before the lamp) for 10-20seconds, then into the lamp for 2,5 minutes.
The Uv radiation is very strong in the summer, the reflected light can cure the gels left opened, even in shade. So it is suggested to put the cap on the dish during the work process!
Tip for the users of the Crystal nails Builder Clear I.: this gel has a thicker sticky layer during the curing, so if we want to sculpt French nails, it is worth to pull the sticky part with a wiped brush. The white gel comes after it. With this we will achieve, the white material will not slip on the putty, so we can wipe the smile line crisper.

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