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Publish: September 4, 2013, 2:39


Nowadays the designers of the wedding dresses offer their beautiful wedding dresses in every color and style: the trendiest is the classic white, light green and pink.

So any Nail technicians should not be surprised when the client asks for dark green or red Nails. In the case of nails, the simple French nails have almost disappeared. The wedding nail art has never been more important than now.
As there are only a few perfect hands and nail bed, so we should order the bride to our salon for a previous consultation, before nail sculpting. The hand might be screaming for a paraffine treatment. The detailed design require clarification. Ask for photos of the dress or the jewelleries. This helps to create the design of the nails.
We can also copy the occurent typical laces or flowers of the dress. Mix the colors precisely – from gel or acylic- matching to the dress. Choose Swarovski crystals or pearls, and make test plans on tips.
Do not forget about the groom’s hands and nails! His hands must be perfect as well on this imprtant day. There is nothing more depressing than a photo, where the groom is holding the bride’s hand with his chewed nails.
The beautifully and meticulously designed bride nails even more emphasize the romantic image on the main day of her life. Nonetheless think it over that the bride will travel to the honeymoon
A broken nail can destroy the whole honeymoon. If necessary, call the client back and make herWedding nails wearable for the honeymoon period.

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