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Publish: September 11, 2013, 3:13


The trend colors of the 2013-2014 FALL - WINTER SEASON has arrived! Kodiak- brown, Koi - red, Mykonos blue!

Red parade!
Magical, attractive and  wild! Warm up the cool days with the most exciting color of the fall- winter palette: the red! From koi to burgundy, from poppy red to dark red choose any shade.

Lovely browns!
Brown colors are still in fashion! This year, the nice shades, which can be found in the nature, practically  shakes the world of fashion. Chocolate brown, chestnut, kodiak-brown and earth tones warm you up in no time. Casual and chic, stylish and comfortable

Seduce in blue!
Some like blue, some not. There is no middle way. Now everything changes: in this fall-winter season, blue appears on the catwalks in a thousands of shades, so those will also love, who did not dare to try it previously. Every shade is trendy from azure to cobalt, from  baby blue to royal blue! Our favorite is the color of the Greek restaurants: the a mykonos-blue.



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