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Publish: February 12, 2014, 1:29

What Nail and Makeup Colors to use in 2014

Don’t expect the nail and makeup colors for 2014 to drastically change from what you’ve seen in 2013 and the years before that. Yes, what will change are the designs and the way graphics showcase nails and faces during the year. Dig in here to know what’s hot and what’s not in colors of 2014.

The most talked about trends in Nails obviously centered on what colors to wear this spring/summer. From the basic white to the boldest red – there were various splashes of colors that were discussed and decisions arrived at. Here is what some of the top trends look like this year.
The usual summer neon trends have been replaced by splashes of colors.
New French or Moon Mani is not a new trend but it will be seen quite often in the fashion circles. The crescent shaped nail bed in contrasting color is bound to look as good as it always has been.
Funky is good this year and refreshing nail art or textured nail paint to create interesting graphics should create quite the look this spring/summer. For the best looking graphics pundits are recommending Easter Egg tones. So, soft yellow, blushing pinks and turquoise is what one needs to look for.
Of course the evergreen whites and the blond talons will continue to dominate the nail fashion scene this year as well. These naturally attractive and popular shades will never go out of fashion it seems. Embellished white nails accessorized with nail art will dominate this season. Among lighter shades Ombré also has to be seriously considered.
The dark colors will continue well into spring even though the gloomy winter days are coming to an end. Colors like midnight black, forest green and rich blue will contrast perfectly with the pale garment colors of the upcoming spring/summer season.
Pastels continue to rise in popularity as was seen in the Nude Collections where they kept their pale blue and mink pink and added a new soft pastel, rich nude grey. Other shades of pastels should be making their way too.
Metallic colors with pastel frozen shades like taupe, metal and natural will also look good this year. Sparkles with splashes of contrasting colors at the tips or at the base should look very good. And who can forget stripes? Stripes have been in use for years and the biggest trend this year will be dominated by three stripes instead of the usual two. And don’t forget those messy designs with studs, holographic and 3D foils and pompoms.
Seen among the top nail designs for 2014 were half moon, gunmetal glitter, long and nude, colorful French  and sheer pink.
In the top makeup colors for 2014 the orange lipstick is going to rule this year. If someone is planning on velvet red lips they are welcome because this is what was on display at  spring shows. Soft berry colored lips will also be quite the rage in 2014.
The eyes will say a lot in 2014 as various shades from elegant white to glittering gold will be seen throughout the fashion world. However, before we get into the colors it is worth mentioning about the cat eyes.
White eye shadow, with white eyeliner have been seen all over the place. In fact, the white eyeliner was perfectly used to create very elegant cat eyes.
Blue for the eyes is another trend worth considering. And of course, don’t forget about the lilac eye shadow and the gold gilded and green eyelids.
As for the skin one may try out the glowing skin look as was seen at Philip Lim.
Go with the trend this year and you will have enough to try out and use for the entire season. Just ensure that you get the combos right.

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