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Publish: September 4, 2013, 3:03

BIO in manicure and pedicure

Nowadays in the cosmetic industry everything is getting popular, that is bio. Whether it is a treating, method, product, anything. Bio means natural, they mark every treating and products that contains natural ingredients.

For the protection of our hands

The skin of the hand is thin and sensitive. The natural protection layer on the skin is the first defense layer. We call it Hydrophil lipide layer, what is responsible for the optimal condition of the skin:
protects our skin from micro organisms, and external impacts. But if this layer injures, our skin becomes unprotected. This is why helping its recovery is very important, so it can continue its job.

Hand care: Don’t forget about it!

Especially the housewives and physical workers hands are the victim of impacts.
Rough circumstances make it even worse: chemicals, weather impacts, moisture.
A lot of people still forget about taking care of their hands.


The protection of the hand begins with prevention. When we wash our hands, use warm water and simple soaps, and rinse them after washing. Dry the hands with a clean towel, between the fingers too. Take off rings and other jewels, because soap may stay under them, which will irritate the skin.

Avoid dry skin

Hands can easily crack up because of chlorine, and other chemicals.
Don’t use these substances in a bigger dose than it is recommended by the manufacturer.
Don’t let your hands contact with gas, turpentine, and cleaner chemicals.
Always wear gloves when using these products. There are situations, which leads to eczema or other diseases. The eczema needs to be cured by a doctor.

Home (bio) solutions to take care of our hands

Cereal soap

Put a spoon cereal into our hands, and make pasta from it with water.
Use it like a soap.

Cereal mask

Cereal pack is the remedy for scratchy, rough hands.
Put 4-5 spoon of cereal into boiling water, and when it cooled down, soak our hands in it for a few minutes.


The lemon cleanses the fingers and Nails from discolorations and dirt.
It’s a remedy for teenage sunspots and irregular brownness.


We can apply pineapple on pigment spots and discolorations.
Pineapple contains bromelin, what makes the skin paler.


Hydrates the skin.


Grape hydrates, and is an anti-aging.


Freshen, protects the skin.


We can achieve amazing results if we put boiled potato juice into the handwashing water.

Olive oil

Dip our hands into warm olive oil once a week.
Nourishes the skin, gives the nails shine.


You can make peeling out of it.


Hydrates, softens the skin.

For fragmented nails

Dehydrated nails easily chip and crack, and overhydrating is bad too.
Take care to maintain the perfect balance. Soak the fragmented nails in olive or wheat oil for a few minutes twice a week.

What are the advantages of paraffin?

Use Nail oils and moisturizers that contain A and E vitamins, and apply paraffin.
Paraffin is a progeny of oil, which has the effect: Due to the warmth, the pores widen on the skin, the congestion grows, so the substances can expand their effects.

Method of the paraffin care on hands

Prepare the skin with peeling before applying paraffin.
Skin scrubbers contain natural ingredients: peach seed, sugar, sea salt – we call them mechanical peelings. But we can apply biological peelings, which cause the abrasion of the skin.

Natural Nail care

Next to protection of the nails, the argan oil is good for the skin of the hands.
Lemon is also an effective nail strengthener: they often put lemon into the warm hand washing water. They use castor-oil to beautify the nails, which contains ricinoleic acid.
The aloe vera based creams and gels, the almond-oil and the jojoba-oil are moisturizing and softening the skin.

Regenerating seaweed

The most popular sea ingredient in the beauty scene is seaweed.
Hydrates, quickens circulation, helps skin regenerating, slows the signs of aging.
Sea-water and sludge are rich in proteins, amino acids, elements, hormones and vitamins, which help the regeneration of cells and skin.

Skin softener cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter contains high value substances, such as proteins, fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, vitamins. In addition it’s an antioxidant this is why we can find it in many products – creams, soaps, packings. The cocoa butter softens the skin, prevents drying, helps regenerating.

Rich in vitamin-C:

The remedial effect of the rosehip has been known for 2000 years.
Due to volatile oils, acids, pectins, and flavonoids it’s an excellent antioxidant, which protects the cells. The Vitamin-C content of it is much higher than paprika and lemon.

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