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Today is October 31, 2014.

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Autum- winter trend colors

We will introduce the three trend colors of the 2014 fall winter season! Gain some inspiration!

Top - shine gel manual

Learn the characteristics of the shine and top gels in order to create long lasting nails and nail art designs.

How to use the ChroMe CrystaLac

Manual guide of Gabo Kovacs, Crystal Nails International Elite Educator


You know that nails can speak a thousand words. This is why you spend those hours going through nail art magazines in print and on the web. It’s possible you have gathered quite come knowledge about nails and the...

Nail Shapes and Materials – What 2014 Says

The 2014 spring/summer trends in nails are here and this is the time for the nail art lovers to have a peek at what the nail fashion pundits have predicted for the year. Like every year newer trends in nail colors,...


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